QOVO Q1972 Hockey Stick


  • Category: Adult (SR) 63 “
  • Flex: 75/85/95/100
  • Grip: Left Hand / Right Hand
  • 460 grams


Ligth weight, professional grade hockey stick, 3K carbon fiber, grip coating.

Available Flexes: 75/85/95/100
Weight: 460 grams / based on flex 85
Level of Play: Intermediate level

One-piece technology Monolith®
One-piece sticks are the most expensive to produce, but they have the best feel and performance.
Monolithtm one-piece technology allows the best energy transmission & better controlled shots.

High-quality Carbon fiber TORAY carbon
Toray – top quality carbon fiber for absolute quality and durability. Toray carbon fibers used everywhere from bikes and cars to aircrafts and space.

Balance Sabre®
We use the top-notch technologies and the result is perfectly-balanced sticks that once you hold them you never want another one.

Extra Strong Shaft CrossFiber®
Special cross-layering creates extremely strong and durable shaft.

Patented Grip SureGrip®
Patented Grip formula for the best performance.

Blade ZenBlade®
Extra-strong foam reinforced with two beams placed at an angle to each other for more energy and puck control.

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100, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95


P28, P29


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